Hey Y’all!

I totally went southern on your butts just then. Hi! I’m Vicki, and I’m not from the south, not anywhere close. I’m from upstate New York, and my hubby and I bought our first home last August. We originally thought we only had the kitchen renovation to do, and some painting when we bought this house. Once we started doing the work, we quickly realized that we wanted to do a lot more than just that. So we quickly got to work!

Somewhere along the way, I found my love for interior decorating. In our apartment, I did little things around. But once we had our home, my love for farmhouse decor flourished. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up in a farmhouse, a lot of my extended family lives in farmhouses, so naturally they feel cozier to me. Given that, I have decided to take my dream of being an interior decorator and I’m turning it into reality!

Welcome to my page and I hope you all enjoy yourselves reading about our crazy home renovations!



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