Front Door

Hi guys!

I’ve been dreaming about painting our front door for some time now, and if you follow me on Instagram– you’ve seen my design inspo left and right.




I did it! I finally painted it. Yes, I was totally mortified when I opened the paint and dipped the brush in, but guess what?? I absolutely love it. Let me start a little further back. Our home used to have white shutters and a white door. My last project on the exterior was painting the shutters black, and this weekend I finally painted the bland, boring, white door. It was just the “lipstick” it needed!

Here’s our house a few months back…


And here it is now!!


SO much better, amiright? I’m in love. The only thing it’s missing is black shutters on the second floor, that’s our next project. We already have the shutters, we just need someone to come install them for us…hopefully soon!

Back to the door…

My husband kept telling me that it’s just a can of paint, so if we didn’t like it, no big deal. We’d just get another color and try again. I am so happy with this color, and so glad we chose it. For those who are wondering- the color is wythe blue by Benjamin Moore. It’s such a cool color, sometimes it looks green, and sometimes it looks blue. Depends on the house! I love that about it.

For those of you peeps out there that have been looking up front door color inspiration for months on Pinterest… take the plunge! It’s totally worth it. Changing the color of your front door to something that is completely your style, shows the character of your home & who lives in it!


P.S. Check back later this week for my other project of the weekend- our painted paneled wall!

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