Kitchen Reno

Hi peeps!

 I want to show you guys our killer kitchen reno! Now, this isn’t totally what it looks like currently, because of course we’ve done a little more work after the final product that I’ll show you today.20160907_164921.jpg


Now, our closing date was in the beginning of August, and I’ll never forget it. We had been waiting all summer to close on the house, and it took FOREVER. We thought we would close somewhere around June, so August was a long, exhausting wait for us. By the time we closed, I remember it was a Tuesday. I was leaving to go away on a work trip on Saturday morning. Needless to say, I had about three days to get done as much as I could before I left. The kitchen was my first priority. So let’s jump right into it! Here is a picture of our kitchen, how it looked like the day we closed.


  I loved the layout of this kitchen, especially when we first viewed the house. It was large, open to the dining room, it just needed a little bit of love. First off, my husband Bryan and I knew we wanted to paint the cabinets, and redo the floors. Well, let me correct myself. I wanted to redo the floors, Bryan thought they would look fine, so I went along with it while the cabinets were being done.
  On that first day, I painted the master bedroom. On the second day I believe, I started working on the cabinets. I had asked for advice at my local Lowe’s, on how to paint them. They told me to use a spray paint from Kilz on the doors, and Kilz Primer on the base of the cabinets. So that’s exactly what I did. Bryan and his brother took off the doors for me, and I took them outside with my good friend Allie, we roughed them up a tiny bit, and then sprayed them down.
This is what the cabinets looked like in the middle of the process. This part was not bad at all, although we had a ton of help. My Dad and good friend Carly did three coats of paint on the cabinet doors themselves, and throughout the day and the next- I also did three coats on the base cabinets. In hindsight, this was a huge undertaking in three days.

The last day before I left for work-cation, my friend Lauren and I painted the aluminum looking- but really plastic backsplash. This was probably my favorite part. This paint was the easiest and most fun thing to use! It glided on so nicely. It took us all of an hour, and it completely changed the kitchen.

While I was away, Bryan and my Dad put everything back together. The hinges on the doors, the doors on the cabinet bases, everything! It was so nice coming home to a kitchen put back together.

Soon after I got home, Bryan agreed that the original tile was too yellow for the now light and bright kitchen. So we decided to have our floors redone to a slate stone.


After that, I worked on the countertops- which is an entirely different battle in itself! Long story short (but I’ll explain thoroughly later) I painted the countertops and they came out wicked awesome.



After that, I worked on the countertops- which is an entirely different battle in itself! Long story short (but I’ll explain thoroughly later) I painted the countertops and they came out wicked awesome.



So here it is! Our crazy kitchen renovation for all of about $2,000. Our tile was the majority of that budget, but hey. If we would’ve gotten new cabinets, new flooring, new appliances, a custom island, the whole shabang. It would have easily been over $10,000. We are more than happy with the way it came out, and can you blame us? We have a totally updated kitchen now! And did you check out that island?? My hubby and brother are seriously talented.

Keep on the lookout for our countertop transformation!

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