That ’70s Paneling

My realization by starting this blog: when we moved in, we didn’t know what we were getting into. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, as far as the renovations we wanted to: paint the interior of the house, get the floors sanded and re-stained, and change up the kitchen.We’ve moved WAY past that.

This was one of those things, that when we viewed the house we HATED. Then we moved in, and other projects got moved up and we sort of came to terms with it and left it. Well now that the other projects have been done (most of them anyways), it started to bug me again. It wasn’t the paneling that bothered me, more the color. I liked the dimension it gave the room, I’m all about accenting different aspects in a given space. The issue I had with it, was that everything in our house is a dark expresso stain and the paneling had more of an orange-y tone.

If you haven’t been around these parts for long, our style is modern country… clean lines, with tons of wood accents. My husband’s hobby is woodworking so, ya know… 😁


Weaver's House-0032.jpg

This is the dining room as it stands right now, post painted paneling. I’m LOVING it! It’s turning out just like how I’ve dreamed of it. Maybe one of these days I will convince my hubby to let me get an area rug for under the table. It’s missing a sense of comfort in here. Merp… We’ll see. 😉 Maybe one will find it’s way home with me. Have you guys seen that meme of the little girl? She is totally what I’ll look like when he asks where it came from…


I can’t with her!! 😂😂😂 It’s such a face I make too.. so funny.

Anyways, back to business. This is a side of the paneled wall, just so you can see the difference. I would have liked to keep the wood, but since it’s paneling I couldn’t really sand it down and stain it. Bummer, I know I felt the same way.


So I have to say, this picture is super cute. You totally can’t tell the orange-ness of the wall in this picture, must be the filter I used on the photo. I promise in real life it looks a bit different! If you look at the floor compared to the wall, that gives you a better idea. Either way, in my opinion if you keep thinking about something and the what-ifs for months, go for it! It’s your house, and in this case it was just a can of paint. If we don’t like it in a few years, we can go over it with something else! Whether that be another type of wood, paint, stone, anything!

But for now, we are digging it like this.


Weaver's House-0034.jpg


Weaver's House-0019.jpg


Weaver's House-0020.jpg

If you dream it, you can do it. Remember that 😉


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