Fall Home Tour

I’ve been having a lot of questions lately if I’ve put up the fall decorations… and guess what?! I have! I’m all done, for now at least.

I am loving the dining room this season. A few weeks ago, I was browsing around in our local Michael’s, and fell IN LOVE with a string of garland. I didn’t buy it then, but I was still thinking about it weeks later, so I went back and got it. The issue I then had was that I found a bunch of other cute stuff that would go perfectly with it, so I told myself I could get two other things & then I got the heck outta there! So bad. That’s always how it happens, though isn’t it? You go in for one thing and come out with ten! Alas, I was good this time and only got the two extras.

Well, here’s the home tour… I know it won’t disappoint! I didn’t include a few rooms of our house just because they didn’t have many fall-ish items, such as our master bedroom or bath, or either of the bedrooms upstairs. Either way, this is how the Weaver House is operating this fall!




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