My Decor Stash

A lot of you have been contacting me lately about where I get my decor, and how long it took me to create such a stockpile of it. But if I’m being honest, my décor stash is an ongoing ordeal. In fact, I’m going through it this weekend to try and wean away from things I don’t use anymore. I’ve got so much that I have our basement closet and crawl space filled, as well as our linen closet on the main floor filled.

About five years ago when my now husband and I got engaged, I moved in with him and his roommate. They had the classic ‘guy’ apartment. Nothing on the walls, not much furniture around, only what they needed. I appreciated it for what it was, because in fact this was my new home.

I hadn’t started thinking about decor at all, I just knew we needed some stuff in there. Not to fill the space, but to create a more warm and comfortable place to spend our time. I began going through Pinterest once in a while, and asking questions to my local friends who loved to decorate their home. Props to my girl Christa who got me started. Check her out on Instagram @eclectic_comfort , her style is super cozy and warm… I love how she uses natural aspects in everything she does.

In the beginning, I had nothing. So, I visited HomeGoods and Marshall’s frequently, which is where I found most of my goodies to start. But as I grew more and more in love with more of a modern farmhouse style, I found myself in my local antique shops much more. The items are authentic, and I love hearing stories behind the item themselves.

When we bought our house, I used a lot of what I already had at the apartment but I can’t lie about the fact that I bought a lot of pieces since then. All in all, I’ve been working on my stash (sounds like I’m talking about a mustache, no?) for about five years now. It took me awhile to get everything I was dreaming of, not to mention the funds to do so. It’s hard to start out because you want everything to be perfect. My advice is to find your style and what items speak to you … start small and enjoy the process.


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