Living Room Walkthrough

Our living was one of the main reasons why we bought our house, for how cozy and large the space was. It was a little bit like our paneled wall in the dining room in the way that originally, we wanted to paint it.

Here’s what it looked like when we bought the house:


Now of course this is it empty, but I wanted to show you what it was to start. Before I get trampled by all of the wood lovers, I will start by saying that yes, we originally had plans to paint the wood. But when we moved in, those plans quickly changed when we found out that it wasn’t paneling- this was real, solid wood. So, being wood lovers ourselves (and my husband’s hobby being woodworking) we left it! We have never looked back, either. We actually can’t believe that at one point in time we thought about doing that. It’s the coziest room in the house.

The room originally ended where the beam is, and the rest of the room including the fireplace is an edition that the previous homeowner put on. The first thing we did was pick out new furniture. I wanted a grey furniture set, that was our first step. Next step was the curtains and rug, check and check. The curtains are from Marshall’s, and the rug is from Overstock.

You guys. Can I just explain to you how talented my husband is?? Like I mentioned before, his hobby is woodworking… but let me tell you everything he did to make this room what it is. HE: built and finished the coffee and end tables, he replaced all of the trim in the room and created a floor transition from the hallway into the living room. He also made these rustic barn corbels and the wood brackets under the mantle, and eventually we decided to paint and distress them along with the beam and the mantle over the fireplace to create a cohesive vibe. I have to say, he did it all in here. I picked out the color scheme and he went to town. I’m completely aware of how lucky I am to have him on my team; he makes all of my design ideas come true.

Weaver's House-0066 copy.jpg

Weaver's House-0076.jpg

Now once the room was designed, we noticed that the TV was still sitting on the fireplace ledge, where it was placed on moving day. This sparked something between my him and I, and it instantly became one of those marital battles where no one gives in.

You know that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where they go away for the weekend and when they come back, they both think it’s the other’s responsibility to bring the suitcase back upstairs? It becomes a huge ordeal, eventually resulting in Ray leaving blue cheese in the suitcase for a few days as he’s away for work. You can imagine how that ends. Anywho, similar situation here, except… no cheese.

I wanted it above the fireplace, and he wanted it in the corner. I forget how it happened, but we had a little bicker one night, about something unrelated.  The next morning, I woke up to the TV on the fireplace. It was a sweet gesture but, guess what? I hated it up there. Like HATED it. The TV was too big for the space up there, and then we had the issue of the wires. So, by default the TV is now mounted in the corner. I can’t lie, I’ve never loved it there. But that’s it’s home now, and that’s where it’ll stay.

Weaver's House-0066.jpg

Weaver's House-0065.jpg

Weaver's House-0061.jpg


Well, here it folks! We are super proud of the end product.


P.S. Anyone interested in purchasing a table set similar to these can contact me & I will pass your contact info off to Bryan!

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