Thanksgiving Tablescape

Happy Thanksgiving, all! I hope you had a great holiday. As most of you already know, my husband and I had 24 guests for Thanksgiving dinner this year (8 additional guests for dessert), this being our second-year hosting. Luckily last year we had 21 guests, so I was accustomed to the large crowd. A few of our guests asked me how I got my inspiration for the tablescape and to be honest, I started thinking about how I was going to set the table about three weeks before the holiday.

I usually start by searching some ideas on Pinterest, and picking an aspect in each photo of what I wanted to incorporate on my own table. Here’s a few of the photos that I got my motivation from:






What I took from these three inspiration photos: I wanted pumpkins on the table, along with a ton of greenery. I loved the second picture, how the greenery was almost fluffing out the sides. Now that I knew that I wanted to include those two aspects, I started thinking about the setting themselves. I had enough place-mats for everyone from last year, so those I knew had to be used again. I liked what I saw in these photos, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

I then found THE perfect addition to our table….


Aren’t these the cutest nameplates you’ve ever seen?! The best part, Jenny from Bloom Designs had a link on her blog for a free printable version!! Jenny, I must say- you’re a true lifesaver… You really helped a girl out. I printed them out on regular computer paper, grabbed some card stock from Michael’s, and got them copied over to the card stock at my local Staples. They were the perfect finishing touch to our table.

Thanks Jenny!

All in all, this tablescape probably cost around $40 from everything I bought new this year. Not bad, I have to say. I shared a photo on my personal social media accounts, but here are the extended photos of the table!








Here it is! I loved how it turned out. I have to share the funniest moment of the night, now keep in mind we had guests start to arrive around noon that day. After dinner & cleanup, around seven o’clock I found myself needing a minute to breathe, so I went down into the basement to chill on the couch for a second. As I come down the stairs, I see my husband Bryan doing the same thing. So funny! We both had been nonstop that entire day, that we just needed five minutes to turn it off. My brother in law actually came downstairs looking for us and he just started laughing.

Hope that one made you laugh as much as it made us!




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