Christmas Home Tour

Hi All!

Are ya’ll ready for Christmas in a few days?! I’m just about done shopping, and I’m pretty sure everything is wrapped, as long as nothing else arrives in the mail 🙈

I’ve always shopped in stores, but this year it has been mainly online. After going to the stores in early December and getting in almost three car accidents in that one trip, I have stayed far far away. What is it with the holidays that makes people drive like maniacs?!

I thought it would be fun before the holidays come & go, to show you what our house has looked like for the past month! This is probably my favorite Christmas season yet, decor-wise. I kept everything very neutral and bright.

Let’s start in the kitchen…


Quiet & Simple


This china cabinet sits next to our front door in our dining room. I originally bought this piece from an estate sale for $15! A can of paint & new knobs went a long way. I tend to not change this up often, but I think this small change went a long way for this season 😁


My husband built this bench when we first moved into our house, and it gives me the perfect little nook to decorate for every season. This barometer was my husband’s grandmother’s, an important staple in our home.


This buffet table sits in our dining room, to the left of it is our kitchen, to the right is the hallway that leads to the bathroom, master & living room. This piece used to have a huge mirror on it, but was too big for an apartment so I redid it. We now use it as a buffet table!


We have always had two trees in our house: an artificial one in our dining room that came with us from our apartment days (shown here next to our fireplace hearth that I redid this summer) and our real tree that goes in our living room.


A super quick & easy centerpiece for our dining room table!


A reminder to myself to take it easy this holiday season, and a peek of our new antique mirror above our mantle!


Our newly-refreshed bathroom! Read more about that here.


This is our mantle in our living room. I really wanted Christmas to pop right off of this brick wall. I think the white candles do a great job of doing just that.


Last, but not least, our real tree at night. This is where you’ll find me any given day for a mid-day nap. It’s not my fault it gets dark out by 4pm!

I hope you enjoyed the short version of our Christmas home tour! This is only four rooms of our house, but these get the most use so I wanted to show them off! I hope you all have a great holiday with your families, enjoy every minute of it. I know I will. 🎄



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