Reflecting on 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and have time to relax and unwind now that it’s over. It’s officially “once I’m home, I’m not going back out” season. I have to admit, I become somewhat of a hermit crab until Spring comes. Cold days, lots of snow, and getting dark at 4pm doesn’t do this girl well. Le sigh.

As I reflect on 2018, so much has happened. So much conflict, but SO much good as well.

2018 was the year that I decided to proactively start trying to grow my Instagram to create traction for my business.

2018 was the year I got to be present for my twin cousins’ birth.

2018 was the year I lost my best friend.

2018 was the year we finished renovating our home.

2018 was another year I got to spend with my husband.

2018 was the year we began to relax and enjoy the space we’ve created.

2018 was the year we spent endless quality time with the ones close to us.

2018 was the year that tested our sanity, but we certainly came out stronger because of it.


2018, you’ve been one of the hardest yet rewarding years of my adult life.

2019, I hope you bring happiness, solitude and lots & lots of love.


As we move into 2019, I keep thinking about what goals I have for this year. The ones that stand out for me are:

-spend more time outdoors

-back yard refresh (our patio needs work & we’d like to extend it out further)

-I have Celiac disease, so my goal for this year is to eat less processed “gluten free” meals. Even though they are gluten free, I have realized that they still create an imbalance for me. So my goal is to eat more whole foods: meats, cheese, fruits, veggies, and grains (the ones I can have). Nothing that comes from a package, nothing processed. Whole foods do my body good.

Most of all, my biggest goal I have for this year is to spend less time worrying about what time it is. Stop looking at the clock, or where you need to go next. I think our world is so concerned about getting everything done in time that we don’t necessarily enjoy what we’re currently doing. It needs to be more about the process than the destination… I fully believe that.

This isn’t my regular home decor post, but I’m looking to branch out of my comfort zone and share more lifestyle topics, of course along with home decor and DIY projects with you guys.

Here’s to a happy & healthy new year! What are your goals for the upcoming year?



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