Winter Home Tour

I figured before I totally get sick of my winter decor, I’d give you guys a home tour! This year I kept things very simple, frosted, and cozy. I ended up keeping both mantles very similar to how I had them for Christmas, just took everything ‘Christmasy’ out.

I guess let’s start there:


This is our living room fireplace, I took the stockings down & created a more cozy vibe here.


Here’s a view of our dining room fireplace, with our new antique mirror that I am in love with. I’m learning that as I get older, the love I have for antiques gets stronger and stronger.


I kept the tablescape super simple, just a tobacco basket and a few pine cones. Simple, yet complete.


I talk about this china cabinet often, mainly because I got this for $15 at an estate sale!! $15! Some paint & new knobs and this baby was as good as new.


This basket wall is my new obsession. I love the warmth it brings to this space! We’ve had a big clock here since we moved in, and although I’m sure the clock will end up there again, I’m digging this for the time being. I’m already scheming up how I can add some Spring vibes to it.


This was the first spot in our home that I decorated when we moved in three years ago. The rest was history…

Moving into the kitchen:


The kitchen pretty much stays the same all year round. I generally only decorate it for Christmas. Oddly enough, I don’t do that on purpose, it’s just how it happens. Maybe I’ll change it up for Spring now that I’m thinking about it. Who knows.


I love this little nook in our entryway. My husband built me the shoe rack for Christmas a few years ago, and the home sign was a housewarming gift. This space came together super quickly, but it’s one of my favorites.


These boxes will forever be in our home, I may be slightly obsessed with them. For Christmas, I had them laid out differently with a 4ft tree in the top one. They tend to travel around the house into different spaces.

Into the bedroom:


I just completed a refresh to this space… one weekend, with only things I already had. I love this space! It’s so much brighter in here now. It helps that the curtains are sheer, which the prior ones were not. I can’t wait for the day I can open these windows and the warm summer breeze comes right in. I’ll probably add some Spring touches in here once that time comes, but for now I’m enjoying the simplicity of this space.

Last but not least, the bathroom:


I basically took everything out of here for a clean, fresh look. That seems to be the pattern of this tour.

These are the main spaces that I spend time decorating throughout the seasons. This winter I kept it very simple. I’m sure once Spring comes I’ll want some changes in these  spaces and sprinkle my touches throughout.

I hope you enjoyed it, friends!

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