Breezeway Stone

After a few unexpected house projects, we were stuck with less than half of our budget to redo our back patio. We had plans to hire a local mason to come and overhaul the space, but now that the budget was used elsewhere, we’ve been looking at other options. Backstory, I love the current stone. It goes with the age of the house, and I love the imperfection of it. Bryan, not so much. 

Our first step of this overhaul that we undertook was the breezeway. It had a few loose stones that was a result of  the previous homeowner that neglected to clear out the gutters. So, I talked Bryan into fixing at least this section with me. Note, he was totally not into doing the patio ourselves. Mainly because he didn’t love the stone, and because he thought it would be super difficult and out of our comfort zone {we’re not masons.. so, I totally get his reasoning there}. I had been trying to talk him into doing it ourselves for years… so I thought this small area would be a good spot to see how we did.

This is what it looked like before:

And during: 

And after!

A couple hours of work and these stones are good as new. I’m aware that the coloring of the mortar doesn’t match from old to new, but I’m okay with it. More importantly: my husband is okay with it. Since he’s pickier with this space than I am, it was important to me that he liked it. 

After we were done, I looked over at Bryan and he says “Yeah, okay… We can fix the patio ourselves. This was relatively easy.”

{See what I did there? 😜 }

This is a major WIN in my book!! The back patio has been one of those house projects that you and your partner never agree on, especially the choice to either hire someone or do it ourselves. Since our budget didn’t allow for a full revamp anymore, I’m SO thankful he picked to keep the current stones AND to do it ourselves. It just needed a little love.

The breezeway went so well that we were confident about doing the patio. It came out great; stay tuned!

See tools & materials that we used below:

Note: the mortar we used dried within 15 minutes, and if you don’t have more than one person working on it, it’ll dry before you even get it down and molded. Definitely helped to have an extra person on hand to mix while you’re setting. I couldn’t have done it alone!


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