Fall Mantel Designs

Yes… I’m just sharing our fall mantels. What day is it? October 28th? 🙃

We’ve had a crazy last few months, and now that things have slowed down… we’ve really had time to relax and unwind from the busy summer. My husband and my nephew got my fall decor out of the crawl space last week, so I was finally able to decorate the house for fall this past weekend! It felt so good to have the summer stuff put away, and now the interior of our house matches what’s happening on the exterior. 

One of my favorite things to do is to shop my space and use what I already have. That’s exactly what I did this year. We have a fireplace in our dining room as well as a fireplace in our living room; that was actually one of the things that ultimately sold us our house. 

For the mantel in the dining room, I kept it very simple. Our buffet and my favorite nook are decorated rather fully (I’ll share both of those next week), so I wanted to keep this space a little quieter since the other spaces are already pretty loud.

This vintage barn window was an antique store find a few months ago. I had my eye on it for months beforehand, but it was a bit out of my price range. Then one day when my husband came antiquing with me, he loved it too and told me to offer the shop owner what I was comfortable paying. I did that, we met in the middle, and it came home with us that day! We were both ecstatic and it’s been here ever since. A few mason jars and some dried hydrangeas from our garden, and this mantel is complete!

If I had to pick a favorite between the two, it’d definitely be the living room mantel. It’s colorful, cozy, and it really pops up against the brick. 

All of these items I already had on hand. I love how the artwork talks to the garland, how the candle sticks bring the cream out of the artwork, and they all work well with the coloring of the books. Everything speaks a similar language, which is why I think this mantel gets my vote of my favorite. 

I hope this helps you decorate your mantels this season!


2 thoughts on “Fall Mantel Designs

  1. I love your mantles. They are beautiful, shopping my space is something I love doing too. It’s how I was able to create our Halloween entryway this year.


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